1. All Educators aim to work together to provide an inclusive, homelike and welcoming atmosphere that is safe, calm and consistent.
  2. Each child is given the opportunity to develop and further their skills; we ensure this by the use of the learning outcomes, to assist in children’s needs being met.
  3. We focus on creating an environment that enables each child to reach their fullest intellectual, emotional, physical and social potential while becoming independent learners.
  4. We offer the Early Years Learning Framework and Montessori early childhood education to further enhance the children’s learning, Literacy, mathematical, practical life skills, sensorial, cultural, Language, cognitive and motor development as this enables the children’s interest to be met.
  5. Our service approaches learning as child- centred which fosters independence, self-discipline and choice within limits which enables freedom.
  6. By using Montessori Materials we isolate concepts and allow children develop at their own pace, building on skills and knowledge with use of self-correcting and natural materials which inspires motivation, engagement, confidence and nurtures a love of learning.
  7. Our inside and outside learning environments are prepared where children can freely explore their natural sense of wonder and choose their own experiences with interest and enthusiasm.
  8. Educators will adopt different methods of obtaining parents input into our curriculum and activities; we welcome them to discuss their ideas and concerns with us.
  9. The educators ensure a hygienic and safe environment for all children at all times.
  10. The educators promote and value positive and supportive interactions between educators, children, families and the local community.
  11. Educators aim to work together as a team to encourage self-esteem and independence in each child.
  12. All children are welcomed into our centre with a non-bias approach where cultural and linguistic diversity is embraced and acknowledged. 13. Our centre is committed to meeting the needs of all children including those with special needs, as we will promote inclusion and participation for all children at our centre.
  13. Our Centre takes an active role in caring for its environment and contributes to a sustainable future by providing outdoor experiences, natural resources, vegetable gardens and animals.
  14. Management updates educators of current changes and trends in child care, also to attend regular professional development and education sessions to update their skills as necessary.