Why Choose Montessori Early Childhood Centre?

Three-year age range ages (0-3), (3-6 ) All one age
Motivated by child’s self-development Educator-motivated
Self-correcting material Educator corrects errors
Children learn by handling objects and teaching themselves Educator lectures
Educator is observer Educator is focal point and dominant influence
Child completes “cycles of activity” Activity cycles determined by set time
Freedom to move and work within room Assigned set times throughout the day
Work for joy of learning and sense of discovery Work because they are told to
Child provides own stimulus to learning Educator provides information
Child centred learning environment Educator centred
Quiet by choice and out of regard for others Quiet enforced
Materials used for specific purpose with sequence of steps Materials used in many ways without previous instruction
Environment provides discipline Educator provides discipline
Encouraged to help one another Seek help from Educator
Child chooses materials Educator sets curriculum
Child sets own pace Educator sets child’s pace
Child free to discover on his / her own Educator guides child
Emphasis on concrete Emphasis on abstract